How to command f on iPad for searching any data

When we browse our targeted site, we need to find our targeted keyword on this web page. On a web page always remain a lot of keywords or Data. In windows or mac, It’s very easy to find targeted data. For finding data on Windows or Mac, we regularly use ctrl+F or command F to find our targeted data. But on our Ipad or iPhone, there is no option to apply ctrl +F or command F., So It’s a question for every Ipad user How to command f on iPad.

In this article, I will share how to command f on Ipad to find data on a web page or find data from a PDF file. So let’s start.

How to command f on iPad

If we want to apply the ctrl+F button or command+F directly, this is impossible on Ipad because there is no ctrl or command button on our IPad keyboard. But In Windows and Mac, there is a ctrl button on the keyboard. So we can easily press the ctrl +F button from our keyboard. For this, we need to open our targeted web page and press the Ctrl+F button. Now a search bar will open. Type your word and press Enter. You will see your targeted word where it is located.

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If we want to use command f on the iPad, we must follow some tricks. This trick will work as the ctrl+ F button work. Using these tricks, we can find our targeted word accurately from the web page. Follow the method below.

How to search on IPad using Safari browser

  • We will use this method for finding data on a website webpage.
  • So at first, open your website with a safari browser.
  • Open your desired web page.
  • Now click google search at the top of the safari browser.
  • After clicking google search, our IPad keyboard will be visible.
  • Now, look at the top of the keyboard we will see a new option: “Find on this Page.”
  • In the search option of Find on this page, type your word and click done.
  • Now You will see how often your word has been on this page.
  • If you click the next button of your word list, it will redirect your desired text.
How to command F on IPad

I hope this method will help you find data from a large database. However, This method is similarly ctrl + F or command +F. I hope you get the best solution for how to command f on Ipad.

How to apply ctrl +F on pdf files on IPad

Most of our documents are now stored as pdf files—the most use of pdf file in Ebook, office document, invoice, etc. Sometimes we have to find data on this pdf file. By searching manually, it’s impossible to find the targeted keyword. That’s why we have to apply ctrl + F or command +F on our IPad. This article shares how to command F on IPad in pdf files. Follow the full process below.

How to search data on pdf on Ipad
  • At first, open your pdf file on the safari browser.
  • Then click the share button at the top of the safari browser.
  • Now click the copy to books option. Our pdf will be open in books mode
  • Now tap to the screen, and we will see a search option or magnifying glass icon at the top of books.
  • Click here and type your targeted word and click the done button.
  • Now you will see the references of the targeted word. 
  • If you click the references, it will open your keyword where it’s located.

I hope this simple method helps you to find your data from a large number of pdf files. These tricks can help you to find data from pdf and web pages.