How to find Roku PIN if you forgot Roku PIN

Roku pin is most important for preventing unauthorized transition from your bank account. It’s also important for parental controls. Using Roku pin, you can secure your payment method and create a healthy atmosphere for children. So in this article, I will talk about how to find Roku pin, how to create Roku pin code, how to reset Roku pin, How to update and change Roku PIN above all types of questions about Roku pin. So let’s start.

What is the Roku pin?

Roku pin (personal identification number) is one kind of security layer. We have to create a Roku account and submit payment details to activate the Roku device. Roku pin works as two-step verification for completing the transition in the Roku store. This pin is a four-digit pin. We need this pin to confirm our identity to purchase Roku streaming channels, movies, etc., from the Roku store.

Benefits of Roku pin

  • We can protect against unauthorized transition even if they know our Roku account payment details.
  • No one can purchase anything from the Roku store without the Roku pin.
  • No one can install any streaming channel without the Roku code. 
  • We can prevent our children from watching adult content or being harmful content by this Roku code.
  • Moreover, the Roku pin provides us parental control.

How to find Roku pin?

People sometimes ask How to find Roku pin, and the answer is Roku does not provide any code from themselves. We have to create this pin from our Roku account. If we do not set up any code, we can purchase as usual. We do not need to submit any pin for buying movies, streaming channels, etc. But If we set up this pin, We have parentals controls of our Roku account. So it will be best to set up a Roku pin.

How to set up a Roku pin?

After buying a Roku streaming player, we have to activate this product. All kinds of Roku streaming players like Roku Express, Roku Streaming Stick, Roku Ultra, Roku Steambar, and Roku TV activation process are the same. We have to create a Roku account when we activate the Roku product. In our Roku account, we have to set 4 digit Roku pin. Let’s see how to activate the Roku streaming player.

 How to activate the Roku streaming player?

  • At first, Install your Roku streaming on your tv following their guide. If you are using Roku TV, then no need to take this action.
  • Now open your Hdmi display that you are installing Roku streaming. In Roku Tv, just On your TV.

>> Set up language & Region

  • Now you will see the Roku Let’s get started screen, and on this screen, Roku wants your Roku TV language. Select your language using Roku Remote.
  • After that, a new screen will appear. On this screen, You have to select your Region.
  • Select Your Region and click enter.

>> Set up environment

  • Now We have to set up the environment. In the environment, there are two options as 1. Setup for home use. 2. Setup for store use.
  • If you use a Roku streaming player for home purposes, click setup for home and click next.

>> Connect Roku streaming player with internet

  • Now connect your Roku streaming player with your wifi. 
  • After successfully adding a net connection, Roku updated and installed the latest software.

>> Set up display resolution

  • Now we will set up the display type. We have to set up a display resolution for Roku streaming player. That’s why click Auto detects display type. 
  • Now Roku streaming player automatically selects the best resolution for you. If your streaming player supports 4K resolution, it will automatically detect on display type.
  • Please click ok, go to automatic resolution.

>> Active Roku streaming players

  • Now a new screen opens with The activation link is Please open this link on your phone, pc, or laptop.
  • On the Roku activation link page, they want to input an activation code displayed on our tv.
  • Please enter the activation code, and we have to create a Roku account providing our details. We will also set up a four-digit pin when we create a Roku account. This four-digit pin is called a Roku pin.
  • After successfully submitting the activation code and creating an account, our Roku device will activate and very soon, it will install the default Roku streaming channel.

How to active Roku pin?

After creating a Roku account providing your information and payment details, please log in to your Roku account using your email and password. We will see three options: account informationPIN preference, and payment method. In the PIN preference option, click the update button.

How to find Roku pin

There are three PIN preference options: 1. Always require a PIN to make purchases and add items from the channel store2. always require a PIN to make purchases3. a Pin is not required to make any purchase or add any items from the channel store

3. A Pin is not required to make any purchase or add any items from the channel store

By default, option three is selected in PIN preference. If we select this option, we do not require a pin to complete our purchase or add any channel. Also, we do not see the PIN submit option on our screen.

1. Always require a PIN to make purchases and add items from the channel store

If we select option one that always requires a pin to make the purchase and add a channel, we have to submit our PIN every transition and every new channel installation. This option gives parental control to our Roku streaming player. For every single purchase, we have to submit a Roku pin. Without a pin, we can not purchase anything even we know our payment details.

When you select this option, you will see Create PIN option. Create PIN options, type your new four-digit pin and verify it by typing again. You have to remember this pin, and you can’t see this pin on your account.

3. always require a PIN to make purchases

If you choose option two that always requires a PIN to make a purchase, we have to submit this PIN for every purchase from the Roku store. It does not require this PIN to add a new channel. This PIN requires only purchase.

What to do if you forget Roku pin?

Most people don’t know how to find Roku pin if they can’t remember a Roku pin. Don’t get panic. Roku always provides us with a new pin setup without our old pin. We do not need to old pin for the latest pin setup. If you remember your pin, that’s great, but create a new pin from your Roku account if you forget. You don’t see your Roku pin from your Roku account, and You have to remember this pin.

How to find Roku PIN

How to reset Roku PIN?

To reset the Roku pin, please go to Now log in to your account by email and password in the PIN preference option-click update. Please enter your new four-digit pin on the Create PIN option and verify the PIN by typing it again. I hope you will successfully reset your pin by following this method.