How to change Roku PIN If you forgot | Roku PIN reset process in 2022

Most of the time, we forgot the Roku pin. Moreover, if we want to change our Roku pin, we have to reset our Roku pin. The Roku pin reset process is very simple. Within a minute, we can change our Roku pin. In this tutorial, I will share How we can easily change our Roku pin. So let’s start.

For changing Roku pin do not need to old PIN. If you forgot your Roku pin, don’t worry. You can reset the Roku pin without our old pin. If you don’t know about the Roku pin and How the Roku pin works, click here to learn about this.

How to change the Roku pin?

  • First, Go to the website and log in using your email and password. If you forgot your Roku account password, then click forgotten password and follow the next process.
  • After logging in successfully, click the profile icon and click my account.
How to change Roku PIn
  • On Roku My account page, you will see the Account information Option, PIN preference Option and Payment method Option.
  • In the PIN preference option-click, the update button.
How to reset roku pin
  • Now you will see Create PIN  option and also your PIN role. If you don’t know the PIN role, click here to learn more about this.
  • On the Create PIN option, you will see two text boxes highlighting PIN and Verify PIN.
  • Now type your new PIN on the PIN text box and retype this New PIN again in verify pin text box.
change roku pin
  • Then click the save changes button. I hope your Roku pin will successfully change.

How to reset the Roku pin if forgotten?

This question comes to many people’s minds, How do they reset their Roku pin if they forgot. The direct answer to this question does not require the old pin for changing the Roku pin. Just follow the shared method and change your Roku pin if you forgot your pin. You can change your pin without the old pin or any verification. That’s it.


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