Roku PIN not working problem solution

When buying a new streaming channel and movie, Roku always wants our PIN. We submit our Roku pin, and sometimes it says invalid Roku pin. That means our Roku pin is not working on our device. We try again and again, but our pin does not work. This problem faces many Roku users. Today I will give you the best solution of Roku pin not working. Let’s see.

Most Roku users set a parental control of their Roku device using Roku pin. This PIN is needed to complete any transition or add a new channel installation. Sometimes this PIN does not work for some technical issues. In this tutorial, we will try to solve these issues.

Roku PIN not working Reason

1. Check your Roku device is correctly linked

In most cases, We have multiple Roku devices, and We link our device to separate Roku accounts. One Roku account PIN does not work in another Roku account. So our first duty is to check which device is linked to our account. If our device is linked to another account and we submit PIN to other accounts, that time our Roku pin does not work. So always we have to check this at the first method. If your device is correctly linked, then follow the next method.

2. Reset your Roku PIN

If your current PIN is not working, reset your Roku PIN and set a new Roku PIN. Now try this new Roku PIN. If you don’t know how to reset Roku PIN, follow the method below.

  • Go to and log in to your account using your email and password.
  • Click the profile and tap to My Account.
  • On the PIN Preference, click Update. 
  • Now, type your new PIN and verify this PIN by typing again on the create PIN option.
  • Then click the save button.

With this simple method, you can change your Roku PIN. After resetting your Roku PIN wait for 5 minutes. Then try to purchase the channel from the Roku store and submit this new PIN for purchase confirmation. Still, your Roku PIN does not work, then follow the next method.

3. Factory reset your Roku device.

If your pin is not working after resetting the Roku pin, you must factory reset your Roku device. In most cases, the new Roku pin works after resetting the Roku pin. In your case, if the new Roku pin does not work, then you have to go factory reset on your Roku device. Follow the method for factory reset on your Roku device.

  • Go to your Roku device setting using the Roku remote.
  • Now click System and then click Advanced System Settings.
  • In Advanced System settings, click Factory Reset.
  • After resetting, you have to link your device to your Roku account again.
  • If you want to link your device to another Roku account, you must avoid multiple billing issues.
  • I hope this method should resolve your Roku pin not working problem.

These 3 methods will help you solve your Roku PIN not working problem. So read this article carefully and apply this method if you are facing Roku PIN not working problem.