How to find Roku Remote using Roku lost remote finder

Are you ready to stream your favorite movies and series? But where is your Roku remote? Can’t remember where you put the remote? So now you have to find the whole house to get the remote. This search can take you up to an hour. We don’t know how to find Roku remote most of the time.

Sometimes it goes under our sofa, furniture, even our bed. It’s very annoying to search for our lost remote. Roku feels our pain in searching for lost remote, and they come to an excellent feature of Roku remote that’s Roku remote finder. This tutorial will help you find your lost remote within a few minutes. So let’s see How to find a Roku Remote and How to work Roku lost remote to take the most advantage of these features.

How to check your Roku remote to support Roku lost remote finder features?

All the Roku remote does not support Roku lost Remote finder features. So first, you need to know if your remote supports lost features. The easiest way to test this is to look behind your Roku remote. Can you see any speaker holes?

If you see a speaker hole on the back of your remote, it supports the Roku Lost Remote Finder. The Roku Voice Remote Pro is one of those that support lost remote finder features. Roku remote, built-in speakers; They support the lost remote finder feature.

If your remote does not have any built-in speaker, you must upgrade your Roku remote. You can upgrade your Roku remote for under 20$. Check to upgrade the Roku remote.

How to find Roku Remote

If your Remote support Roku lost remote finder features, follow my shared method. These simple tips help you find your Roku remote within a few minutes. 

1. Hands-free voice command

If your Roku Remote hands-free voice command turns on, this method will work. Otherwise, this method will not work. Then you can follow my second method. If your Roku remote hands-free voice command turns on, then command your Roku remote by saying, ” Hey Roku, Where’s my remote?” You have to command your Remote in a clear and direct conversational tone.

  • Now your Roku remote will play a beeping sound for the 60s.
  • Follow the path where the sound is coming from and pick up your Remote.
  • After taking the remote, press any button to stop the beeping sound.
  • This method will not work if your remote batteries are dead or your Roku remote charge is low.
  • Moreover, if your Roku remote is out of range of your wifi this time, it will not work.

Note that: This method will help you find misplaced Remote within your wifi area.

2. Lost remote finder button on Roku Device

Some Roku device has a separate physical button for Roku’s lost remote finder. Roku Ultra is one of them. In Roku Ultra device has a button for finding the lost Remote. If your Remote is lost, then press this button. 

Lost Remote Finder button on Roku Ultra

Now your Roku remote will play a sound for 60 seconds. Follow the sound, and you will get your Remote. Then press any button to stop the beeping sound.

Your Roku won’t make a sound if your remote batteries are dead or the charge is low, or it is out of range your wifi.

3. Find Roku remote using Roku mobile app

Roku has an android and IOs app for her user. This app gives us smart functionality and full control of our device. The Roku app works the same as our Roku remote. We can use this app instead of our Roku remote. Now we will find our lost remote using this app. First, download this app from AppStore or play store. Now follow the method that I share below.

  • First, connect your Roku device and mobile device to the same wifi.
  • Open your Roku mobile app and select your streaming device.
  • Now Select the Remote icon from the navigation bar.
  • Then you will see the traditional look of the Roku remote. You can control your Roku device using this Roku mobile remote.
  • If you have a single remote of your device, then click the microphone icon and say, ” Hey Roku, Where’s my Remote
  • Now your Roku remote will play a beeping sound.
  • Follow the sound, pick up your remote, and press any button to stop the beeping sound.

If you have paired multiple remotes in your Roku device, you must select your lost remote first. For this, follow the method below.

  • Open the Roku home screen and click settings using the Roku mobile app.
  • Now click Remotes and devices, then click Remote.
  • Select your lost Remote and click Find Remote.
  • Now click the microphone icon from your Roku mobile app and say, “Hey Roku, Where’s my Remote.”

Now your Roku remote will play a beeping sound for 60 seconds. If your remote batteries die or charge low and out of range of your wifi, then it will not work.

4. How to change Roku lost Remote finder sound and how to find lost Roku remote.

We will do two work at a time; that is, we will change our lost remote finder sound and try to find out our lost Roku remote. So follow the method that I share below.

  • Go to the Roku Home screen using Roku mobile app.
  • Now tap to the settings and then click Remotes and devices.
  • Select Remotes and then select your voice Remote from the list.
  • Now click Change Remote finder sound.
  • A list of Roku remote sounds will appear now. As you move up and down from the list and remain selected for a moment, Roku remote will play the sound on your tv speaker. 
  • If you like the Roku remote sound, press OK, and sound will download it on your remote.
  • Select the Preview Remote finder sound to preview the sound on your Roku remote.
  • Now, your Roku remote will play this sound, and if you lose the remote, follow the sound, and you will find it there.


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