Best remote for Roku ultra in 2023

Are you looking best remote for the Roku Ultra streaming device? Do you want to know which is the best remote for the Roku device? This article will help you choose the best remote for Roku ultra or any Roku streaming device and Roku TV. So read this article carefully every point. Let’s start.

Roku ultra is the best streaming device ever made by Roku. This device supports the latest Dolby Vision and 4k support video and high-quality audio. The ethernet port, a separate button for the lost remote finder, and USB port give is the best position for any Roku streaming device. We have to choose the best Remote to control it for this best streaming device. Before selecting a Roku remote, we have to know about Roku remote that will support our device. Let’s learn what kind of Roku remotes are now available.

What type of Roku remote are available?

There are two types of Roku remotes available. They are different in their working technology. Moreover, advanced features and controlling systems make them different from each other. Roku provides two types of Remote.

  • IR Remote( Simple remote)
  • Enhance Remote.

Roku standard Remote or IR Remote:

The Roku Easy Remote is a regular remote used on our TVs. This simple remote works with infrared light. That’s why this remote works a short distance. Furthermore, the Roku Ordinary Remote must point directly to the Roku device, and there must be nothing between the remote and the infrared signal receiver that blocks the signal. If your Roku device is set up on the back of the TV, the Roku standard remote may not work.

The main thing about a simple remote is that it does not support voice command, lost remote finder, Power On or Off, Volume up and down, channel shortcuts and private listening, etc. The advanced features of the Roku device do not support this simple Remote.

Roku Enhance Remote:

Roku enhances remote work by a dedicated wireless connection. We do not need to point the voice remote directly at our device. Roku voice remote works when we install our device behind a wall-mounted or other nearby, out of sight location.

Moreover, Roku enhanced Remote supports advanced features like volume up and down, tv on or off, voice controlling, private listening, shortcuts button, hands-free voice, and lost remote finder features. This remote helps you maintain your device easily. So this is the best remote ever for Roku devices.

Best Remote for Roku ultra

 We must choose the powerful and best remote for the more powerful Roku ultra streaming device. For Roku ultra, I have chosen the two best remote for Roku ultra that has the latest update and features. This Remote has impressive features and a super controlling system. These remote are-

  • Roku voice Remote pro
  • Roku voice remote

1. Roku Voice Remote Pro:

Roku Voice Remote Pro
Roku voice remote pro

Roku Voice Remote Pro features:

Roku voice remote pro is the latest Roku remote. In this Remote, Roku added some advanced features. It is the best Roku remote ever. Why am I saying this is the best Roku Remote? I will give you some reason with my experience with Roku voice remote pro.


  •  Roku Voice Remote pro is rechargeable. So we do not need to change Roku remote battery every month. One time of charge, Roku voice remote works for around one month or plus.

Point anywhere:

  • First of all, Roku voice remote pro is a Roku enhanced Remote. So we don’t need to point directly to our Roku device. When pressing the button, we can point anywhere because this remote works by a separate wireless connection. So this is Roku point anywhere remote.

Volume and Power Button:

Roku voice remote pro-control
  • The remote pro has a volume up and down button in Roku voice and a power on/ off button. But in Roku, a simple remote does not have any power on/off and volume up and down button. So this will help you to control your tv and your Tv sound.

Hands-free voice control:

  • Voice control is a fantastic feature of Roku Remote. But the Roku Voice Remote Pro has hands-free voice control. A hands-free voice means you can control the device with just your voice without touching your hand. You have to turn on the hands-free voice by pressing the button. Now you can control the device with your voice no matter where your Remote is. First, start the command with “Hey Roku,” then say what you want to do. Example: ” Hey Roku, Pause.”

Lost Remote finder:

  • Lost remote finder is also a fantastic feature of Roku voice remote pro. Sometimes we can’t remember where we keep our Remote. So we need to search our full room to find it. But finding a lost remote is very tedious work. But Roku ultra has a separate button to see our lost Remote. The button name is the lost remote finder button. Just press this button; your Roku remote will play a beeping sound. If your hand-free voice control is enabled, say, “Hey Roku, Where’s my remote” your remote will play a beeping sound. These features will help you to find your lost remote very quickly.

Private listening:

  • Roku voice remote pro provides private listening with a headphone jack. If you are streaming late at night and your family is asleep. This time your TV voice can break their sleep. So it would be best if you listened to your show privately. This remote will give you these features. You can listen to private using this Remote. It is the only Roku remote that provides private listening.

Personal shortcuts:

  • Roku voice remote pro has preset channel shortcuts and personal shortcuts button. Its shortcuts button will help you stream your favorite channel with just one click. And Channel shortcuts make it faster to control the whole device quickly.

Compatible device list:

The Roku voice remote is compatible with all the new Roku devices. See the compatible device list for Roku voice remote pro.

Roku voice remote compatible device list

Why should you buy It?

First of all, Roku ultra support Roku voice remote pro.

Together voice control and Hands-free voice control will give you the best controlling Remote. Personal shortcuts will give you to your favorite channels with just one click. And if you want to watch privately or watch late at night, Roku voice remote pro-private listening will give you this feature. Rechargeable, Lost remote finder option, volume, and power button all smart features make this best Remote for Roku ultra. If you want to replace Roku remote for Roku ultra, it will be the best Roku Ultra replacement remote. It is Roku’s original remote and the best Roku remote ever.

2.Roku Voice Remote

Roku Voice Remote

The funny thing is that the Roku voice remote, by default, come with Roku ultra. It is the second advanced voice remote for Roku ultra. There are some differences between the Roku voice remote and Roku Roku voice Remote pro. First, The pricing difference is around 10 $ between Roku voice remote and pro. We will see all the differences between the two remotes, and we will know the features of the Roku voice remote features.

Features of Roku voice remote:

Point direction:

Roku voice remote is an enhanced remote. So we do not need to point directly to our Streaming device or Tv. Roku voice remote works in any point direction. For getting the best performance with Roku voice remote-first, we need to pair it with our device. Without pairing with our device, it works as a Roku simple remote, and many of the advanced features will not work. So it’s most important to pair it with our device.

Voice Controlling:

Roku Voice remote does not support hands-free voice commands. But It support voice controlling. You have to tap the microphone icon for voice command and then command your Roku device. In about of voice control, the main difference between the Roku voice remote and Roku voice, remote pro is Hands-free voice command. All things about voice control are the same without hands-free voice control. So you can choose this remote if you are not interested in hands-free voice control.

Remote Power:

Roku voice remote needs power from two AAA batteries. Thes two batteries give your remote Power for around two months. Then you have to change Roku remote batteries. But in Roku voice, the remote pro has an opportunity that Roku voice remote pro is rechargeable and has a built-in battery inside. So we do not need to buy the battery every month. Battery buys, and changing problems can easily solve using Roku Voice Remote pro.

Private listening:

Roku Voice Remote does not support private listening. No earphone plugins are available in the Roku voice remote. So you can’t stream privately or late at night. But Roku voice remote pro supports private listening, and there has an earphone plugin.

Volume and power button:

Roku Voice Remote also has Power on/off and volume up and down buttons at the top sidebar. Using this button, we can easily control our TV volume and Power. These buttons also have on Roku voice remote pro.

Roku voice remote shortcut button

Lost remote finder:

Lost remote finder features are not available on the Roku voice remote. But in Roku ultra, there has a separate button for the lost remote finder. Only the Roku ultra device will work the lost remote finder feature on the Roku voice remote pro.

Personal shortcuts button:

Roku voice remote does not provide any personal shortcuts button. Personal shortcuts help us stream our favorite channel or movies just one click from our Roku remote. 

We can set our favorite channel as our wish in Roku remote as a personal shortcut. But it has a preset channel shortcuts button set by default for all Roku voice remotes.

On the other hand, Roku voice remote pro provides personal shortcuts and preset channel shortcuts.

Compatible device list:

Roku voice remote compatible device

Why should you buy it?

Roku voice remote is designed for old Roku devices. If you use Roku 2 or Roku 3 devices, then it will be the best Roku remote for your device. If your device does not support Roku voice remote pro, you should buy it. Since We are looking for the best replacement remote for our Roku ultra device, we should buy it because the Roku voice remote is given by default. If your Roku ultra remote is lost or broken and you are looking for the original remote, you can buy it.

Compare between Roku voice remote and Roku voice remote pro

Roku Voice Remote ProRoku Voice Remote
TV Power, volume, and mute buttonsYesYes
Voice search & ControlYesYes
Pre-set channel shortcutsYesYes
Rechargeable batteryYesNo
Lost Remote FinderYesNo
Private ListeningYesNo
Hands-free voice controlsYesNo
Personal Shortcut buttonsYesNo


Roku ultra support both of these remote. Since you want to replace your remote, the Roku voice remote pro will be the best. Because In this remote have all Roku voice remote features and have some smart features that are not available on the Roku voice remote. Roku voice remote pro is rechargeable and supports the lost remote finder.

The amazing feature of this remote is Hands-free voice control. After Turning on Hands-free voice control, you can control your device without touching your remote. Private listening and personal channels shortcuts are also admirable features. So I suggest you buy Roku voice Remote pro because it is the best Roku smart remote ever. 


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