How to watch TikTok on Roku tv or Roku Streaming device | Easy method

Tiktok is the most popular short video-sharing social media platform. People share their innovative thoughts, ideas, skills, and performances in a short video. All the categories for the short video are available on Tiktok. Tiktok gives us endless entertainment with all sorts of videos. It will be more enjoyable if we can watch TikTok on Roku TV.

Tiktok is a social media app that allows you to create, watch, and share short videos. People promote their personalities, brands, and products creatively using short videos. We watch TikTok videos on our mobile phones. But what if we could watch TikTok on a big screen, like a TV screen?

It will give us more enjoyable entertainment with a big screen. What if we could watch TikTok videos on Roku TV or Roku streaming devices? It would be more enjoyable if we could watch TikTok videos on Roku. So in this article, I will guide you step-by-step through how to watch TikTok videos on Roku TV or Roku streaming devices.

How to watch Tiktok on Roku

It will be effortless to stream if our desired channels are available on the Roku channel store. But Tiktok is not officially released on the Roku channel store. So we cannot stream TikTok videos as a channel on Roku device. But there is a way to watch the TikTok video on the Roku device. The method uses screen mirroring. We can stream TikTok videos on our Roku device or Roku TV using screen mirroring from our Android, Apple, or computer. So follow every single method that I shared.

Tiktok video watching method on Roku 

I will share three methods to watch the Tiktok video on the Roku device. These methods are-

  • Using Android phone
  • From IOS
  • Using Pc

The methods are different for different types of mobile device users. For android users, the ways are different from iPhone users. Follow the Pc users method if you do not have any mobile device and want to watch TikTok on your Roku device.

How to watch Tiktok on Roku using an Android phone

If you are an android user, you can easily watch TikTok videos on Roku Tv using screen mirroring. We have to do simple work on both our android phone and Roku Tv. Follow the method step by step that I shared below.

 On Roku Device settings:

  • Go to your Roku Device Homepage and click settings on the side menubar list.
Roku TV setting
  • Now click System and then click Screen Mirroring.
  • Then You will see two options: Screen Mirroring mode and Screen Mirroring Devices.
  • Click Screen Mirroring Mode, and on Screen Mirroring Mode, You will now see three options :1. Prompt2. Always allow 3. Never allow.
Roku device screen mirroring mode
  1. Prompt: If you select this option, you will get a prompt on your Roku device screen whenever a new device tries to cast its screen. You have to permit them to mirror their screen or not.
  2. Always allow:   After selecting this option, your Roku device gives automatic permission to cast other device screens. And you will not get any notification prompt on your Roku Tv or Roku device screen.
  3. Never Allow: This option does not allow any device to cast its screen on Roku Device since we will cast our android device screen on a Roku device. So never select this option. 

On Android device settings:

  • First of all, connect your TV and android device to the same wifi.
  • Then Go to the google play store and install the TikTok app on your device.
  • Now Go to your app notification bar, and you have to find the cast button, or you can search on your android by typing cast
Roku mobile setting
  • This cast name looks and icon are different from the different versions of the android model or manufactured company. For example, you will see Smart View instead of the screencast on a Samsung device.
  • After finding this cast option, click the cast button, and you will see your connected Roku Device.
  • Now select your Roku device and click connect. In a second, you will see your mobile screen on Roku Tv.
How to watch tiktok video on Roku TV
Roku mobile screen mirroring
  • Now open your Tiktok app, and you will see your TikTok videos on Roku TV or Roku device.

Now stream your TikTok videos on Roku Tv as long as you want. You can easily stream the TikTok video on Roku Tv following these simple.

Note: Your Roku device must be compatible with screen mirroring. See Roku screen mirroring supported device. And your android phone must be support screen sharing or screencast.

How to watch TikTok on Roku Tv using iPhone by Airplay

This method is for iPhone users. If you want to watch the TikTok video on Roku tv, follow the procedure below that I shared.

Roku Device setting:

  • Go to your Roku device homepage and click settings.
  • Now click Apple Airplay and Homekit, which will be top of the list.
  • If your Airplay is turned off, please make the turn-in.
  • Then click the Require code and then select the first time only. When you connect a new device, it will verify you by displaying a security code. If you choose first time only, it will ascertain only first-time connection. You do not need to verify your account the second time you connect.

On iPhone device settings:

  • At first, connect your iPhone device and Tv to the same wifi.
  • Go to Appstore and install the Tiktok app.
  • Now drag down your iPhone control panel and click  Screen Mirroring.
  • Now you will see all the connected devices on your wifi.
  • Select your Roku Device. Then you will see a security code on your Roku device screen.
  • Enter the security code that you see on the Tv screen.
  • After the successful connection, you will see your iPhone screen on your Roku device.
  • Now open your Tiktok app and stream TikTok videos on your Roku Tv.
  • After watching, click the Home button to finish.

How to screen mirror Tiktok from pc or Laptop

If you want to cast your desktop or laptop screen on Roku Tv to watch Tiktok videos? Follow the process that I shared below.

  • First of all, you have to connect your Laptop or pc and Roku device to the same wifi.
  • You have to enable screen mirroring on your Roku device.
  • Then Go to a browser and open the TikTok official website.
  • Click the three-dot menu icon on the top right side and select cast.
  • Now you will see your connected device, select your device and enjoy streaming TikTok videos on your Roku Tv.

You can watch TikTok videos on your Roku Tv or Roku streaming devices with these three simple methods.


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