How to stop Roku seasonal theme update

Roku celebrates special days with their user by displaying that occasion theme on Roku devices. This theme is called Roku seasonal theme. On most popular special days, such as Valentine’s days and Christmas days, Roku changes its user’s theme and displays a seasonal theme. This seasonal theme duration is short times. After the seasonal theme duration, it automatically switches back to the user theme. Seasonal theme duration can either be three days or less.

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Some users feel disturbed when Roku changes its personalized theme. If you feel annoyed about changing your personalized theme for Roku seasonal theme, you are in the right place to stop the Roku seasonal theme update. In this tutorial, I will guide you to stop Roku’s seasonal theme change step by step. So follow my method first to last.

How to stop Roku seasonal theme update

  • First, go to your Roku Tv Home screen by pressing the Home button on the Roku remote.
  • Now scroll and click the setting button.
Roku TV setting
Roku TV setting
  • Then find out the theme and press the theme button.
  • On the theme option, you will find the seasonal theme. Click the seasonal theme option.
  • Now select OFF to disable Roku seasonal theme or select ON to enable Roku seasonal theme.
How to stop Roku seasonal theme update

This simple step will help you to disable Roku seasonal theme update.


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